What's New in 2018 | Business Changes Review

There's a few changes coming to Brit's Clicks in 2018. As many of you know, I had to get a new computer a few months ago and had to change from giving CD's to giving online galleries. I am going to continue with the online galleries, they seem to be a hit. But I'm also going to make ordering prints from the gallery also an option. Many people are interested in ordering prints through me and this will make it easier on you. All of my prints will be ordered from Miller's Lab, a professional print lab that is only available for businesses. Miller's is very high quality and worth every penny.


Another thing that I hold dear to my heart is the military. I respect them greatly and am so thankful for all that they do for us. I will be starting a military discount this year in hopes to give them a little something in return for all they do. 


I am also going to start doing more boudoir sessions. Like I said in my year end review for 2017, I love helping other women realize how beautiful they are. Women are so mean to each other and most definitely think the worst of ourselves. There's so many degrading sayings out there. There's arguments about how thin or curvy a woman should be or whether she should wear make-up or not to look pretty. My goal is to show women that no matter their body type, shape, size, age, etc., that they can always be sexy and should feel confident in their own skin. I will be adding a boudoir tab to my website so that you can see my work so far. 


Last but not least, I will no longer be capturing weddings. I have loved all the couples that I've worked with so far, they are amazing. I am happy to say that I never had to deal with any bridezillas, they have all been laid back and just fun to be around. But, weddings are very stressful to capture, everything is always very rushed and most people just want to get to the party. I honestly feel like it's hard for me to work my creativity at weddings, because of how rushed it is. I have grown so much respect for photographers who only shoot weddings! 
Capturing weddings has been a blast but I'm going to focus on my other clients at this time. I will still capture elopements, proposals, and engagement pictures, but I will not be doing full day photography at weddings. 


I am looking forward to 2018 being another fantastic year for me and my growing business. I hope that the changes that I am making will be for the best. Everything I do, I do for my clients. I will pour everything I have into each session and give you the best experience that I can. Cheers to a new year!