Shannon | Fun Session | Galena, Ohio Photographer

Shannon's back! As soon as I posted a picture of Rachel's session location on Snapchat, Shannon immediately sent me a text saying she wanted to go there! So, we set up a time the following weekend and it happened. If you didn't know, Shannon was my 2016 Senior Rep and did amazing things for my business. She is now doing great in college.

Shannon is beautiful as you can tell and she's got a fiery personality. She's crazy and up to do anything. Photo shoots with her are never dull. She has also shown an interest in getting into photography so I did something that I hardly ever do and let her take some pictures of me (shows how much I trust her with my equipment). Those pictures will be blogged at a later time because right now we are focusing on her pictures. I truly think she needs to go into modeling because she's a natural.