Mitchell Family | Newark, Ohio Photographer

These two little girls were adorable. You could really tell how much they love each other. I love to see when cousins are close like this because it reminds me of my family. 
The day before this session, the weatherman was calling for a 70% chance of rain. I talked to the Grandma of these girls and gave her the option to either reschedule the session or we could play it by ear and keep a close eye on the radar. She chose to keep an eye on the radar and hope for the best. Myself, being located in Columbus, Ohio had to drive 45 minutes to the session. The radar looked good when I left the house but as I got closer and closer to the park, it started raining harder and harder. I was in contact with them the whole time and they said it still wasn't raining there. I was racing the rain at this point. As soon as I got to the park, it was only sprinkling on us. We walked around and took all the pictures we needed, finishing the session up pretty quickly. The girls were getting a little chilly towards the end. 
Overall, I'm happy with these pictures and I know the family is too. I am glad that the weather worked out for us this time. My point to bringing all this up is; the weathermen know what they're doing but we can't predict the rain completely. There is always a chance that the weather can change in an instant, especially living in Ohio. I will always give you the option to reschedule your session if you need to, but I will never be against chancing the weather and keeping the date. Who knows, pictures in the rain could be super cute!