Ken & Lisa Wedding | Worthington, Ohio | Wedding Photographer

Caroline Hilty Photography was nice enough to let me be her second photographer at a wedding last summer. The wedding took place at Brookside Golf & Country Club in Worthington, Ohio.

The day started out beautifully, everything was set up outside and the couple was getting ready inside. Ken and Lisa did a first look outside with just the two of them. His reaction when he saw her was amazing and you can tell how much they really love each other. First looks are a great way to share an intimate moment with your love on your wedding day. After their first look, the bridal party came outside and we started taking pictures with everyone. We lined everyone up on the patio, snapped a couple pictures, and the wind started blowing really hard, there were leaves everywhere. Then it started pouring rain. We all ran inside and the wedding planner consulted with Ken and Lisa about moving the ceremony inside, they said yes. Caroline and I didn't finish the group pictures but she made the decision to finish them after the ceremony. 

The venue workers started moving everything inside and set up the reception area to be ceremony ready. The wedding planner handled everything amazingly and didn't miss a step when something went wrong. With Ken & Lisa on the dance floor and the guests seated at their tables, the ceremony happened smoothly and the bride and groom were as happy as can be. They decided to put a bottle of wine in a box with love letters that they wrote to each other in secret and bury it. They will open it on their one year anniversary and read the love letters to each other, how cute is that?! 

Once the ceremony was over, we took the couple and wedding party back outside since it had finished raining and took more pictures outside of them. They were very good sports walking across the greens. The country club also gave Ken and Lisa and Caroline and I golf carts to ride down to the entrance and get pictures by the pond. The reception started shortly after we got back. The bride and groom shared their first dance which was well choreographed and very pretty, the bride danced with her father which was very fun, and the groom danced with his mother which was very sweet. The room was filled with so much love and laughter as the night went on.

Ken and Lisa didn't let a little rain get them down on their big day. Rumor is that if it rains on your wedding day then it's good luck for your marriage. I would say that this couple doesn't need any luck, because they're so in love with each other that nothing will ruin that.