Jarid & Cheyenne | Engagement | Columbus, Ohio Photographer

Jarid contacted me a few months ago about capturing his proposal. Of course I wanted to do it! We met at Inniswoods a few weeks after that and walked through where everything was going to happen.

Time flew by and the big day came. I left my full-time job early so that I could get to the park early. I parked and started eating a snack because I thought I had some time. I looked up and saw them walking through the front entrance. I freaked out! I grabbed my camera gear and took off to where we were going to meet. I was planning on hiding behind a tree but it was too open to do that. So I laid down on a park bench where I could see all the paths heading to the spot and pretended to play on my phone and enjoy nature, trying to look as natural as possible. I was freaking out on the inside though, I didn't want to somehow give it away because she had no idea that I was going to be there. Soon after that I saw them coming down the path, the one path that headed straight towards me. It was very hard for me to act natural, not smile, act like I didn't know them, and act like I wasn't super excited for what was about to happen. They walked down the path and I jumped up, grabbed my camera, and stood on top of a rock so I could see over the foliage. Right as soon as he got down on one knee, I lost my balance and fell off the rock, I quickly jumped back up and captured it, but I was SO nervous that I was going to miss it. But I didn't!

She said yes, of course. People that were walking the path had stopped to watch and they started clapping and cheering. I let them have a moment to themselves and he actually turned around and pointed me out to her. I waved and grabbed my stuff and walked down to them. They both were super excited and happy so I used that to get adorable pictures of them right off the bat. Cheyenne kept saying throughout the session, "Is this real? Is this really happening?", she was in total shock. We walked around Inniswood Park for a little while taking pictures there then we headed down to OSU campus where they are both students. We first took pictures at The Shoe because who doesn't love Ohio Stadium? Then we went to the library and the Oval and took pictures there. I did not know this but it's an old saying that if you can walk the whole length of the Oval path with your significant other and not have anyone cross in front of you the entire time, then you are going to be together forever. Jarid and Cheyenne did this the first year they were together. How cute! We took some pictures at Orton Hall and then headed down to a restaurant in the Short North called The Pearl. We walked in and Jarid skipped the line and went straight to a table where both of their parents sat (they were in on it the whole time). Cheyenne was super surprised and excited! The parent jumped up and started hugging them and looking at her ring. I loved taking pictures of this. I got to capture a whole lot of happy moments today and it was awesome! I hope you all like the pictures! What a happy day!