Delishia & Eayon Wedding | Sunbury, Ohio | Wedding Photographer

To you, June 4th, 2016 might have been just another day, but to Delishia and Eayon, it was the beginning of their married lives together. Everything was set up, everything was going well, until about 10 minutes before the outside ceremony started, when it started down-pouring! Most guests started grabbing chairs and putting them under the reception tent while others put the walls on the tent. Once everyone got seated inside the tent, it started getting hot and people could barely move. The wedding party walked from the house to the tent in the pouring rain, and bared the rain dripping in through the tent. The ceremony consisted of traditional Irish heritage and finished with the most excited kiss that I've ever seen at a wedding. These two have been together a long time and it was all shown in that one kiss.  

Due to the unfortunate timing of the rainstorm, we were forced to do their pictures up at the house. Let me just say, it was a gorgeous country home.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Fiedler! I wish you a long and happy marriage!