Boston, Massachusetts | Vacation | November 2017

I had a free weekend after Thanksgiving so I decided to take a trip to Boston. I didn't have anybody to go with but I didn't let that stop me. This was my first trip completely by myself but it won't be my last. I was nervous at first, but I quickly got over that when I realized how freeing it was. I could do whatever I wanted, at my own pace. I pretty much did all of the historical stuff and that was it. I didn't feel safe going to a bar by myself in a strange city. I am proud of myself for tackling this and not letting the excuse of "I don't have anyone to go with me" stop me from seeing the world. 

Friday, November 24th
My flights were smooth. I checked into my AirBnb and went for a walk around their town, East Boston. It was so quaint and quiet. There was a cute little Indian restaurant that I had to try for dinner. Then I walked down to a little park on the water. It ended up having a sailing school in it which I thought was perfect for me to see. The park had an amazing view of the city so I took a few pictures, sat and enjoyed the view for a bit, and headed back to the AirBnb for the night.

Boston 11%2F2017.jpg

Saturday, November 25th
I started out the day by going to the Charlestown Naval Yard to see the USS Constitution. I spent hours in the museum and on the ships reading and looking at everything. They even had active Navy men telling the stories of the war. It was really cool! Then I headed to Fenway Park, just to walk by of course, this Yankees fan doesn't want to get too close. The Ohio State vs TTUN game was on so I headed to a bar to catch some of the game. When I walked in, I was shocked. It was PACKED full of Buckeye fans. When we got a touchdown, the whole bar started singing the fight song, the 'We Hate Michigan' song, and 'Hang on Sloopy'. I literally felt like I was on the OSU campus. After the game, I headed to the Prudential Center Skywalk Observatory. I got up there right after the sun went down so I got some really pretty pictures! 

Boston 11%2F2017 (1).jpg
Boston 11%2F2017 (2).jpg
Boston 11%2F2017 (4).jpg

Sunday, November 26th
I went and explored more history on Sunday. I rode the subway into town instead of taking an Uber like the past couple days. I walked to the Paul Revere house and toured it. Then I went to lunch at this cute little coffee shop. After that I walked up to the Paul Revere statue and Old North Church, where the lanterns were hung. Then I walked all the way back down to the Boston Public Market, it reminded me a little bit of the North Market in Columbus. While I was walking to the next museum, I caught the end of a street performance. It was a group of men, they handed two little kids $20 each and said that since they worked, they earned it, they were all about getting a job and earning your keep. But one other thing that they said that really stuck with me was, "Everybody is so stuck on race now-a-days, blacks, whites, Asians, German, etc.... But how I look at it, there's only one race in the world, the human race." I love that. After the performance ended, I walked down to the Old State House and toured it. I saw the site of the Boston Massacre then headed back to the subway to head 'home'. I learned a lot about history and it was all really interesting. 

Boston 11%2F2017 (6).jpg
Boston 11%2F2017 (5).jpg
Boston 11%2F2017 (7).jpg
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Boston 11%2F2017 (12).jpg
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Monday, November 27th
I got up early, checked out, and sat on the subway for an hour to go up and visit Harvard. I quickly realized that the closest subway station was still a 40 minute walk from campus so I got off, ate some food, and headed back downtown. I ended up heading to the Boston Tea Party ships and museum. The had a full tour on board the ship and you even got to throw "tea" overboard. As soon as that was finished, I quickly headed back to get my stuff and head to the airport. 

Boston 11%2F2017 (10).jpg
Boston 11%2F2017 (9).jpg

Boston is so pretty! It's a good mixture of historical and modern. To me, it was like a combination of New York City and Charleston, SC. I already know that I want to go back and explore more. I highly recommend it to anyone. I also recommend going somewhere by yourself at least once. Do something that scares you. Take a chance.