Becca | Styled Session | 1920's Theme | Columbus, Ohio Photographer

A few weeks ago I got a brand new camera and lens, which I was so excited to use! I texted Becca, my 2017 Rep, and asked what her favorite decade was. She said the 1920's, which is my favorite decade as well, so of course I jumped on the opportunity to do this with her. She ordered her dress from Amazon and it looked amazing! I never would have thought to buy clothes from Amazon but I'm glad that she did. Her hair, make-up, attitude, and everything was just perfect for this recreation. I decided to do the session downtown at the Scioto Mile because everything in the 20's was about going to the city and having fun. The day was very overcast and the temperature was around 35 degrees, but you can't tell can you? She toughed it out and her mom had a blanket ready to wrap around her when we weren't shooting. Honestly, this session is one of my favorites that I have ever shot. Look how pretty! :D